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Careers in Entertainment

Typical Job
Performer, musician, actor, dancer, comedian, clown, magician, DJ

Typical Work
Entertainers work in a variety of positions entertaining the public or the audience at a performance. Entertainers work in a variety of different fields, theatre, music, comedy, sports, film, acrobatics, circuses, street performances, cruise ships, and many other venues. Entertainers are an important part of society as they provide entertainment to the general public usually for a small fee. The entertainment industry is quite large and is composed of all these different types of entertainers who provide amusement or distraction to audiences around the world. As an entertainer you will usually work in a particular field doing something in which you are well trained or educated. You may work as a clown, a musician, a comedian, an actor or another profession. The work is typically done in the evenings and on weekends, for that is when your audience can come to see your performances.

Education and Training Needed
To be an entertainer requires some talent, training or education in a given field. There are a variety of schools available for the different careers. You can attend a performing arts school, a school of dance, music school or other training facilities all while at the high school level. Many universities offer programs in drama and music for students wishing to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree. The many professions in entertainment usually have training schools or facilities that offer the necessary training for someone to enter the field.

Skills and Interests
Obviously to be an entertainer you will need to have an interest in entertaining an audience made up of members of the general public. You will need to be creative, dramatic and different. Entertainers usually have skills in their field of choice. The different professions require a different skill set, for example comedians need to be funny and actors need to be able to act. The interests of those in the entertainment field must meet certain criteria, usually you will have to work in a position that is uncertain and you could be frequently unemployed. Also as an entertainer you could find yourself working many evenings and weekends, travelling a great deal and having to find part time employment in another profession in order to earn a liveable salary.

Working Conditions
There is no one typical working area for entertainers. Some work in theatres, circuses, cruise ships, concert halls, bars, clubs, outdoors, and in many other venues. Typically entertainers will perform in front of an audience and will be performing in the evening. The work is for the most part safe (some professions such as circus performer, can be very dangerous) and the level of stress can be high. Sometimes entertainers find themselves in stressful situations if they cannot obtain employment or if while in front of an audience they are not well received. Those performing dangerous tasks, acrobats, daredevils, motocross entertainers, work in very high stress hazardous environments.

Job Outlook
The entertainment industry will always be a part of society and the demand for new, innovative forms of entertainment is always in demand by the public. Audiences tire of similar performances and often demand more from performers and entertainers. The industry is constantly changing to meet its customer's needs. New performances that have become more and more dangerous (stunt shows, motocross, acrobatics) are extremely popular with the younger generation. The theatre, and vocal performances still remain popular with older audiences. In order to obtain a long lasting position in the entertainment industry you will either need a great deal of talent or creativity. Entertainers who bring a different creative style to audiences typically enjoy success; the major problem is that the success may be fleeting. As you an entertainer you will often need to re-invent yourself and develop new material for performances.

Salary Range
The range from entertainers is very large. Some earn very little money as an entertainer and often have to obtain part time employment to earn a decent living. Some entertainers are extremely successful and may command millions of dollars for a single performance. The range given below is more of an industry average on a yearly earnings basis.

$15, 000 (Part time Musician, actor, street performer) - $ 250, 000 (recording Artist)

Associations and Organizations
American Federation of Musicians (AFof M)
1501 Broadway; New York, NY 10036
(212) 869-1330
International Society for the performing Arts
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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