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Career in Electrical Engineering

Typical Work
Programmer, designer, government employee, and many other fields. Electrical engineers can work in a wide variety of disciplines. They are the most employed type of engineer working mostly in the high-tech sector especially telecommunications. The main factors included with electrical engineering are that most of the work will take place with either computers or electrical systems. This work can be completed in a wide variety of industries and government offices. Most electrical engineering positions are in private industry, especially in the high tech sector. Large telecommunications such as Nortel and AT&T employ thousands of electrical engineers for a wide variety of tasks, including installation, maintenance, service, design etc.

To become an electrical engineer you will need to obtain a bachelor's degree or equivalent in engineering. Electrical engineers usually specialize in their school program. You can also get an electrical engineering diploma at many colleges. The bachelor's degree in electrical engineering usually last's 4-5 years and you can follow this with more education if you so desire. The field of electronics changes regularly so you will need to keep up to date with current technologies throughout your career.

Some of the top schools in Electrical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University, California
University of California-Berkley
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Purdue University

Skills Needed
As an electrical engineer you will need skills in the following core areas:
Applied Sciences
Computer Science
Analytical Skills
The ability to work on a team
The ability to learn from a supervisor

Interests should include

Salary Range

Organizations and Associations
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-
Institution of Electrical Engineers in Hong Kong Telecommunications Industry Association
Institution of Electrical Engineers

Other engineering career choices

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