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Careers in Adult Entertainment

Typical Job: Stripper, adult film star, adult model, entertainer, companion, exotic dancer, phone sex worker

Typical Work
The work of adult entertainers typically involves removing their clothing and may involve performing sexual acts. The work in adult entertainment is mostly of a sexual nature, while this may not necessarily incorporate performing a sexual act, the entertainment has sexual overtones. The work of an adult entertainer may be composed of removing ones clothing for an audience or photographs, dancing in front of audience while performing sexually suggestive movements, performing sexual acts with another member of the opposite or same sex for a video or photo. Other positions include acting as a phone sex operator. Most of those in the profession are attractive and in good physical condition.

Education Needed
There is no real education needed for a career in adult entertainment. You do not need a secondary or post-secondary education. There is not a great deal of training for those involved as well. Strippers may obtain training from some schools or clinics offered by other strippers or former strippers. There is not a great deal of training facilities for adult entertainers.

Skills and Interests Needed
As an adult performer you may need skills in the areas of dance, acting, and sexual performance. Typically you will need to be interested in showcasing your body to others. You should be interested in working with others on a team. Some performers will need an interest in travel and meeting new people.

Salary Range
$ 16,000 (Phone sex operators) - $ 100, 000 (Adult Film Stars)

Associations and Organizations
Adult Industry News

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